Killer Mike won't be voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election. The prominent supporter of Bernie Sanders said he would not vote for one of the candidates from America's major political parties.

"I have not decided yet, but definitely not with him or her," Killer Mike told an interviwer who asked about the MC's voting decision.

Killer Mike was originally approached for a comment on Donald Trump's controversial statement about President Barack Obama founding ISIS. The rapper laughed it off as another wild statement from the presidential candidate. But Mike did take time to explain how Americans are asking for more war by selecting Trump or Hillary Clinton.

"As Americans, we have to understand that in the world we're an empire," Mike said. "We're an empirical force. We as citizens need to start demanding... We had one candidate this year who had a strong chance of winning who was anti-growing war and that was Bernie Sanders. And we didn't vote him in and we're getting what we asked for. We're asking for more war."

Killer Mike also spoke about how citizens who don't want war should vote in the upcoming election. He made a plea for Americans to stop looking out for their self-interests.

"If you don't want any war, you'd be voting Jill Stein. If you want less government and war, you'd vote Gary Johnson," Mike continued. "But if you're voting for Trump or Hillary Clinton, you're voting for the same thing. All of us as citizens need to get over our classicisms and vote for the betterment of us all."

Hillary Clinton may not have Killer Mike's vote, but plenty of rappers have endorsed her. Kanye West, RZA and Pusha T are among the notable names supporting the Democratic candidate.

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