I have been in the entertainment business for a while. I have read alot of headlines and seen alot of interesting and crazy stories out there. But I have to admit that this one really took the cake for me. Regardless of what political party you represent, you have to be watching the debates and wondering in some type of way if this is real. Well this man posted that he would rather die then watch the Presidential Debate.

Well not long after that statement was written, the man passed away. Now this could have been an illness that had been lingering for awhile, but I find it very odd that it happened just like that. I have always heard that you should be careful what you ask for and even more so then that what you speak is bound to happen. Check out the odd but interesting story below.

There is no way that I can have any words for this situation. All I know is I think I would have just changed the channel or watched a "Mike and Molly" rerun. But to wish that I wasn't here. That is not the way that I would have wanted the story to go down. Either way he got his wish and his family is left to mourn in the passing of a loved ones. A truly sad, but ironic ending to his story.