I saw this troubling video and was simply stunned, with my mouth left wide open. While I am unaware of the details that led up to this, what is known is as the police were piling up to surround this young man. He was seen walking away and heading into the store. There is talk that he was in possession of a knife during this time. However, from the looks of it, he was not pointing it at anyone or being a threat to anyone other than possibly himself.

What's troubling is that, as he was walking away and going into the store, several shots were fired off. There are reports that there were possibly eleven shots which undoubtedly killed him. This is just another example of police brutality and abuse of power that is leaving another family without a son, father, or husband.

While I am sure more details will follow, II have a few questions. Were the officers warranted to kill this man? Did they have fear he was going to do harm to someone else? Were the extreme actions taken necessary? I have remorse for the family, as this is something we are seeing too much of. I am not a judge and would never pass judgement on anyone. I simply wish we could see things done differently when it seems to involve people of color and law enforcement.

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