Yesterday was the annual National Radio Day. This is the day when radio personalities all over the world reflect on their careers and people met during their time in the business. Many are like me and are still in this wild and crazy world of radio. This career has been a positive whirlwind for me in many ways.

I remember the first time I actually got on the radio. It was in November of 1987 at an AM Gospel station, WNBN. I was still in junior high school and would walk from school to the radio station a few days out of the week. This was my first break and would open up many other opportunities for me over the years. I eventually got my first full-time position in my hometown at WSLY, which was a hip hop station. And when I tell you I had fun, those were truly the days.

Fast forward to now, and I am the DOC (Director of Content) for six radio stations, while assisting my DME (Digital Managing Editor) with the websites, as well. I also still have my own afternoon show weekdays from 2:00pm-7:00pm and still love every bit of what I do. I have officially been in this radio game now for over thirty years, with nineteen of those here in Lake Charles. Now, while I don't see myself being a 70-year-old playing Youngboy NBA on the radio, there are definitely other layers in this business I fully embrace. Check out a few photos from some of the people I have met along the way.

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