The American Legion Post 551 is calling on the community to help raise funds to make repairs to the building, sustained by Hurricane Laura. The historic building is located in downtown Lake Charles on Enterprise Blvd. and has been serving veterans in this city since World War II ended in 1945. Despite the damage, Post 551 members are still doing their duty and tending to veterans in the community.

It hasn't been easy. After two hurricanes and a global pandemic, American Legion member Ernest Mitchell says that Post 551 is struggling to survive. He told KPLC that the building was meant to be a place where veterans could come inside and receive services. However, as Legion member Ed Hudson explained, that can't happen until the hurricane damage is addressed.

Hudson told the news that “The upstairs is completely torn up." He added that the building's front windows were blown out and allowed for substantial water damage to take place. That said, they are going to fight to keep the historic building open and are hoping to have several community fundraisers this year in order to raise money for structural repairs.

The American Legion Post 551 is another example of how hurricane recovery and the struggle to rebuild is an ongoing way of life here in SWLA. In the coming months, Legion members are hoping they can turn things around and get back to hosting local veterans in the building. So, they are alerting the community that fundraising plans are in the works. They will be hosting a fish fry in the coming days and they are going to need some help.

If you would like to lend a hand in making repairs or would like to offer to volunteer for upcoming fundraisers they can use all the hands they could get. For any questions please American Legion Post 551 members Ed Hudson at (337) 515-9437 or Ernest Mitchell at (337) 802-8038 for more details.

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