Lake Charles artist and businessman Fat Chino just dropped some heat on today. Obviously, he is a friend of 107 Jamz and came through to talk about his new album "Hustler's Life 2" and we also talked about him always showing love to artists in the area. Chino is not someone who likes to spotlight himself and often sheds light on the talent that many may not be familiar with.

The new album does not disappoint and features a feature from X-MOB founder the late rapper Vicious who is featured on a remix of 'I Tried Everything'. The song also features Richo and Gus Antoine who sing like velvet on the hook. Other noticeable features are Justin Money, Mr. Chris, Singer Yolo Joseph, King YB, Ms. Keke, Money Machine Scroogie, Trillonehunnit, and Sun G. There are many standout songs including "Like This", "Welcome To Lake Charles 2" and "She Don't Love", where he talks about the life of living in a relationship that is one-sided.

Not only did the new album drop today but he also dropped the first video from the album "Live Like This". If you check out the video close enough, you will notice that not only is there a beautiful young lady in the video and a cameo from Justin Money. But the video was shot in a local area Casino. Can you guess which one he was in?

While talking to Fat Chino he talked about how he loved working with others from the area and things that he was working on that are coming soon including a book, movie, and tv show. Make sure you check out the new album and be on the lookout like myself for big things to come.


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