While for most of Southwest Louisiana school starts tomorrow. A few friends of mine decided to come together and do something positive for the kids in Southwest Louisiana!

On yesterday Fat Chino, Terry Love, Bundy G, and Skys the limit along with Shawn Jackson from Lionels Beauty and Barber presented the first ever "Make It Rain" for kids school supply drive. The was the chance where the community was welcomed out to get free school supplies including notebooks, pencils, backpacks and more. There were also free haircuts for the boys in the area provide by Shawn from Lionels. It all kicked off at 10 am and it was a wonderful event. There was plenty of folks who came through and the artist really did their part to show love and more for the kids in the area. Big shouts out to T-Hooks and Sister Tee who was also in the building. Make sure you keep an eye out for these guys and make sure you support them, just like they show support for their home! Good luck to all of the students this year and have fun!




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