Today was National Best Friends Day and there was plenty of fun for all of the friends around the world. It was also the day the Share A Coke with our listeners today. We posted up today at Lock Park with Coca Cola who brought out the Hug Me Machine which was something I had never seen before.

When I tell you the kids had more then a great time would be an understatement. Big Shouts out to Charles Lockett who brought his camp out today of over 100 kids who were not only one of the best group of kids I had seen. They were all more then excited to give the machine a hug and grab a Coke.

Check out some of the pictures below of today's events. Big Shouts out to All of the listeners who came out today and also to Coca Cola for bringing out the fire Hug Me Machine for a great day of fun and refreshing Cokes.

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