Lake Charles is a fairly small and quaint city with great entertainment, culture, and the best food in the world. The city is also full of people working together with a diverse group of individuals who are trying their best to help push the city forward. Another great thing about the city is something I loved seeing prior to the pandemic, and the hurricanes. That was seeing couples taking a stroll down Lakeshore Drive on dates with the horse and carriage rides.

There was something about being with your significant other or even doing something special with the kids, and seeing the well-bred horses trotting down the streets which was a sight to see. Well, all of a sudden it vanished, and many including myself was wondering if it would return, the answer is yes, they will. During a unanimous vote during Wednesday's City Council meeting, the green light has been given for the return of something that was synonymous with Lake Charles. Unfortunately, the previous company J&R Carriages will not be returning, but there is a new company that will continue to keep the momentum going. Almosta Ranch will be helping us all to enjoy that extra daylight at the end of the day as they will now be offering the horse and carriage rides.

Almosta Ranch is based out of Sulphur and will not only be offering the carriage rides, but they also offer horse ownership classes, Pony Paint Parties, as well as field trips, and farm tours for youth and families to continue to offer beautiful attractions for SWLA. This family-owned business has been doing this for years and is excited about contributing to the Lake Charles community. Make sure you get in touch with them for your next date or family outing.

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