A  few years ago in passing, I met a young lady by the name of Shae Williams. Fast forward to today and she has one of the fastest moving songs on the Urban AC Charts. Today is a wonderful day for her as she is officially releasing the single for "Ready" on I-Tunes, Google Play and all social music media sites.


The talk in the industry is that r&b is dead. There are not alot of great singers keeping soul music alive. Some would even say that some of the biggest Urban records are not by the Trey Songz and Ushers of the world, but instead by up and comers new to the Urban scene this would include Joe Jonas, Sam Smith and quite a few more. Well let me tell you, it is alive and well. Shae's new single talks about wanting to give her all in a relationship and officially being ready to take it to the next level. If you have not heard it, make sure you download the single now and check out the behind the scenes video for  "Ready".

Shae Williams Behind The Scene With Ready:


Make sure you download "Ready" today and pass the word as she will be doing big things in the very near future. Also tune in this afternoon as I will be talking with Shae about the single release and what else is coming.