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KPLC-TV reports there's been several vehicle break-ins in the area.  LCPD are investigating the activity and believe teenagers are behind the crimes.  Lake Charles Deputy Police Chief  Mark Kraus said,

"Our obligation now is to find out who's responsible for this," he continued.  "Let's just say kids are walking through the neighborhood and they don't have anything to do and their parents aren't paying attention to what they should be paying attention to and that's their kids.”

Kraus added. “They go walk through a neighborhood and they say ‘let me look in this car and see if I can find me 20 bucks in change or something’ and they pop it open.”

For more details on where the crimes are taking place, check-out the video below:

KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Moral of the story, lock your whenever your not in it.  Be smart, don't leave any valuables in your vehicle.  As Mrs. Honora said, we have to stay alert and pay attention to what's going on our neighborhoods.

SWLA Connected

Download the free phone app for SWLA Connected and do just that, connect to your neighbors.  There's strength and safety in numbers.  Reach out to the people in your community and encourage them to sign-up as well.  Before you know it, you'll have a virtual neighborhood watch!

Run the criminals out of your neighborhood, for more details about the app, click here.  In the meantime, keep your vehicles locked and your home well lit.  Make sure your lights are on in the front and back.  Motion lights are also a great idea.