This year, Halloween (October 31) falls on a Thursday -- which makes it rough if you want to do the traditional trick-or-treating.

The City of Lake Charles is asking citizens to wrap up their trick-or-treating by 8 p.m. here in the city, but where should you go for maximum candy gathering before the sun goes down?

We got the whole staff together and came up with our favorite neighborhoods to hit -- and each of them are winners for different reasons.  Just remember, if you plan to give out candy, turn on your porch light.  Houses without porch lights on should be avoided

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    Holly Hill Road

    Between Sale and Prien Lake

    This is actually a pretty large section of town, but it gives you a lot of side streets to explore.  It's not on one of the main thoroughfares, which gives you a little traffic protection.

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    Executive Drive

    Moss Bluff

    If you're up north of town, save yourself the hassle of driving into Lake Charles proper and make the rounds of the neighborhoods on the Executive Drive loop.  Another secluded neighborhood, there's no highway traffic to worry about once you get onto Executive and head north.

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    East & West Savannah Lanes

    West of Gauthier and Nelson intersection

    This one's a bit out of the way, but the people in this neighborhood usually go out of their way to make Halloween great.  Take Nelson Rd. south to Gauthier Rd. and then turn right.  The Savannah Lane loop will be on your right.

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    Shell Beach Drive

    From Park Ave. to the Port

    This one's kind of a no-brainer, if for no other reason than it's one of Lake Charles' most picturesque neighborhoods.  Again, a lot of side streets will give you plenty of places to explore if you'd rather stay off the more heavily trafficked Shell Beach Dr. directly.

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    Spring Crossing

    Kade Lane, South of Ham Reid Road on Lake Street

    Another tucked-away neighborhood that's a bit of a drive out of town, but worth it.  You can make the Spring Crossing loop along Kade Drive and then head north to Inverery Street and visit the subdivision back there, too.

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    Crestview Drive

    Northeast of the Nelson Rd. & Ham Reid Rd. intersection

    This subdivision has two access points -- Nelson Road and Ham Reid Road.  That's helpful if your plan is to keep moving briskly.  Where some of the other neighborhoods on our list are loops (meaning you're somewhat trapped until you make the loop), Crestview gives you a few escape options.

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    Weaver Road

    Along the East Side of Barbe High

    Lots of twistey-turny neighborhoods tucked back here, which are great to tackle on foot, if you need.  You can pretty much roam from McNeese Street south to Country Club Rd. and hit a ton of great candy-filled homes.

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    Oak Park Subdivision

    Between 20th and 23rd Streets

    If you're looking for something closer to the heart of the city, Oak Park is a great place to load up on candy.  Another great place for foot traffic, you can roam quite a bit of area without having to trek out to the boondocks.