According to BBC News, there is an investigation into the death of B.B. King. Accorinding to his family, they speculate that his Business Manager had something to do with his death.

This would be a tragic turn if this is really what happen. We all took the news pretty bad since we knew he had been sick, but didn't realize just how close we were to losing him. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have already started their investigation as to assusations of possible foreign medicines being given to the legendary singer.

While this case seems to be a little similar to legendary radio host Casey Kasem due to the family being kept from him during his last days. I truly hope that this is not the case and although no one wants to lose a family member, we can get some type of resolution to this case.

Again we all say send our condolences to his kids and family and I hope that we can have this matter resolved pretty soon.

B.B. King- The Thrill Is Gone: