KPLC reports an update on a homicide that took place in October. Christopher Ardoin, a 31-year resident of Lake Charles was killed by Lake Charles Police Officer on Thursday, October 13, 2022. The incident took place in the morning hours near Ardoin's residence located on 7th Street after officers responded to a 911 call.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Ardoin outside naked and waving a gun near 3rd Avenue. This encounter with officers resulted in him being shot, at which time Ardoin ran back to his house and went inside.

At the time of the news release, Deputy Chief Franklin Fondel reported officers gained access to the home shortly after shooting Ardoin. Upon entering they discovered 62-year-old Lee Edward Ardoin and 60-year-old Sandra Reder Ardoin deceased in the back of the home. Both victims had been shot multiple times. Christopher Ardoin was also deceased.

As part of their investigation, the authorities collected evidence, took statements from witnesses, reviewed surveillance, and concluded that Mr. and Mrs. Ardoin had been killed sometime on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2022. Two firearms were found in the home and forensics confirmed one of the guns was used to commit the murders. Deputy Chief Franklin Fondel said the evidence determined that Christopher Ardoin killed his parents.

The Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office has the case, which is now under review. In addition, the death of Christopher Ardoin is also under investigation by the Louisiana State Police. This investigation is ongoing according to State Trooper Derek Senegal.

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