Tonight it's going down!  Joshua is in the top 6 on American Idol.  You know what we've gotta do.  As with the last several weeks, the city of Westlake wants to invite all Joshua Ledet fans to come out this evening for a live viewing of the show, free food, refreshments and door prizes. 

This event is absolutely free for everyone, so forget what you've heard.  107 JAMZ's very own Chuck Slugg will be hosting tonight's event, which by the way will start at about 5:30 p.m.

Team Joshua and family friend, Detective Chris Wilrye stopped by the station today to give us the scoop on this evening's events and details.  Plus, info on how you can get your "Team Joshua" T-shirts, yard signs and car flags.  Here's what's up:

To order "Team Joshua" items you may contact Chris at

By the way, tonight will be another two hour show.  The Idols will each sing two songs.  Every week the Idols must perform songs from a specific song book and tonight they'll have to sing a song by the legendary rock group Queen.  So, they'll sing one song by Queen and other will be a song of their choice.

Remember make your vote count and like Chris said once you've exceeded the amount of times to vote by phone/text you can jump online at and vote there up to 50 times.  VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!  Geaux Joshua!