Hailing from Lafayette rapper and minister Levy has survived Cancer. This is a disease which has affected everyone I know in some form or fashion. Boosie hailing from Baton Rouge also dealt with Cancer and survived it. So if you get these two guys together, I think it's safe to say they know what they're talking about.


I heard about the song about a month ago and the social media blew up about Boosie being down in Abbevile and obviously it was for this music video. The song is a little different for Boosie as there is no profanity and he really pours himself on the track. While I am not really familiar with the artist Levy, I commend him for bridging the secular and gospel world together. Check out the finished product below for the two.

Levy featuring Boosie- "God Got Me": 



I am sure there is a full album that should be available soon and for the younger generation this is a great thing to have gospel music that caters to the young. Also being able to have one of the hottest rappers on the song is not bad at all.

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