It's finally over, for real this time. The merciful Based God, Lil B, has officially ended the long-standing curse he placed on Houston Rockets guard James Harden years ago.

The end of the curse was apparently facilitated by Rap-a-Lot Records founder J. Prince's son, J. Prince Jr. B announced the good news via social media on Friday night (Aug. 3). In the video, Lil B is surrounded by Prince Jr. and his affiliates. "Huge announcement, man," the Cali rapper starts. "Courtesy of the mob, mob ties, Rap-a-Lot. Hey, James Harden, shout out to Houston. The curse is officially done. Mob ties, they made it happen. Shout out to J. Prince Jr."

Afterward, B and the Rap-a-Lot heir share an awkward dap. Prince Jr. captioned video of the announcement, "Had to tell @lilbisgod to lift that curse off of @jharden13 😂😂😂 We need a ring this year❗️#MobTies."

As previously reported, Lil B initially cursed Harden for refusing to acknowledge him as the creator of the cook dance, which Harden routinely used in games to celebrate a good play back in 2015. He later toyed with lifting the curse not once but twice.

Last June, B announced he was doing away with the curse following a bad playoff performance from the bearded baller. “I apologize to James Harden I’m ready to talk and end the curse… it’s time to talk and be the leader everyone believes you are,” the Based God wrote on Twitter shortly after Houston's season ended. "Now it's official."

But apparently there were still some lingering affects that the good folks over a Rap-a-Lot helped make sure would no longer be around for the upcoming season as the Rockets are serious contenders to battle it out with the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

Check out Lil B's announcement below.

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