If anybody can sell something, Diddy can.  Just ask the CEO of Ciroc.  There is no denying it.  If you are a business owner and you don't advertise with the Urban market, you are truly missing out.  At the end of the day, it's not what you listen to, rather what your costumers do.

Diddy and actor Mark Wahlberg team-up for AquaHydrate-Getty

Hip-Hop artists, their listeners and fans of the music are THE driving force behind the sells of fashion, food, cars, alcohol even water.  Look at what 50 Cent did with Vitamin Water or what Dr. Dre is doing with Beats by Dre.   Hip-Hop listeners are the ultimate consumers, make no mistake about it.

Diddy and Doug E Fresh flexing at a Ciroc party-Getty

That being said, Diddy is teaming up with actor/producer Mark Wahlberg and the former CEO of Fiji Water John Cochran to market a new water.  Check it out, for more information visit AquaHydrate.com.


Find out where you can buy the new water with Tha Wire below.  In the meantime, just three days after Brockton, Massachusetts police filed for a Department of Children and Families investigation against the father of 9-year rapper Luis Rivera “Lil Poopy” Jr the youngsters "Lil Poopy Getting It In" video has been removed from YouTube.

What's the big deal?  He's a fourth grader that calls himself the "coke boy".  His parents seem to have no problem with grown women bending over in their 9-year olds face.  Ironically, the child's video had a "Content Warning" label on it on Youtube.  So, that's not good.

The police, child services and now the Brockton local newspaper The Enterprise, are involved and the youngster may end up in custody before it's all said and done. Get the latest developments on the case and listen to what Lil Poopy's lawyer has to say about charges of child abuse/neglect.  It's all below inside Tha Wire.


The ATL's own Lil Jon is not only making a come-back but he's teaming up with Zumba Fitness to create a new nightclub tour called the “Zumba Nightclub Series.”

Zumba Fitness reps say, the tour will combine the party atmosphere of the Zumba dance class, with Lil Jon’s ability to hype the crowd and turntable antics.

Lil Jon said in a recent interview, “Fitness and health are important to me, and Zumba fans hit me up all the time tellin’ me how my songs and voice motivate them to get them through their workout.  Now we’re helping to bring the Zumba experience to the nightclub scene. I’m excited to DJ this tour and give Zumba fans a fitness party they’ll never forget!”  By the way Lil Jon, just dropped on new single in honor of the new tour and here it is.

Click here for tour dates and listen to Tha Wire now to learn more about why the tour was put together in the first place.  Plus, get the rest of today's juicy entertainment news.  Press play now to hear Tha Wire: