On Sunday, June 26, Lil Wayne allegedly punched the doorman at Hyde Night Club in Los Angeles, following the BET Awards. Almost a year later that same man is now suing the Louisiana bred rapper for a “hate crime against white people.”

According to TMZ, the guard said he was trying to do his job when Wezzy was stopped at the door, which was allegedly followed by a closed fist to the face he claims knocked him to the ground. The guard also says he felt threatened, and that Lil Wayne threw a drink at him and yelled out “F*** you white boy!” He now claims the act is a hate crime.

The man is suing for damages suffered from assault and battery, and is asking for an additional $25,000 civil penalty, said the news site.

Last year someone in Wayne’s camp denied the rapper punched the man, and said the altercation popped off when he “mistakenly grabbed Wayne by the arm,” and later apologized.

We’ll see how this turns out.

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