When it comes to honesty, there is no doubt that you will get that from children and elders. I was having a discussion a few days ago about if you want to know the truth, those are the ones that will give it to you. You have to love it because at the end of the day what do they have to lose. I remember when my grandmother was alive, if my sister in laws would say anything about gaining weight, she would agree.

Also kids will most definitely set you straight. They will tell you that your breathe stinks or your cooking doesn't taste good. You just have to accept it and keep it moving. Well President Trump has gotten a dose of reality with this little girl whose remarks are going global. Apparently as Trump was out and about on a political run, he ran across this little girl and she wasn't having it. Check out the clip below of what she said to the POTUS.


While he did try to play it off, you have to wonder what he was thinking in the back of his head. Also who has she been around to come to that conclusion. Either way kids say the wildest things and this is another one that will go down in history as such.

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