Music phenom Lizzo is being accused of stealing the line, "I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100 percent that b**ch" from her mega hit "Truth Hurts." According to reports the brother songwriting duo, Justin and Jeremiah Raisen claim the singer committed  plagiarism by not giving them credit for a song they helped her write.

Justin Raisen took to Instagram this week and blasted Lizzo for using the "melody, lyrics and chords" of a song called "Healthy." In the post below, he explains the chart topping diva recorded the track in their studio. If that's not enough he said her famous lil' DNA phrase, was also ripped off from the other joint. Justin Raisen brought some receipts too, uploading video footage he alleges was from the "Healthy" 2017 recording session. Raisen played both tracks on top of one another to show the similarities in the tracks as well.

He also other songwriters in the video Jesse Saint John and Yves Rothman who were instrumental in making the track at the studio in April 2017. Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Vivianne Jefferson is keeping quiet and letting her lawyers deal with the drama. Her attorney, Cynthia S. Arato, clapped back and addressed the accusations releasing the following statement to the New York Times:

"The Raisens are not writers of 'Truth Hurts.' They did not collaborate with Lizzo or anyone else to create this song, and they did not help write any of the material that they now seek profit from, which is why they expressly renounced any claim to the work, in writing, months ago."

Arato further stated that via the Raisen's own publisher, Kobalt, they had relinquished their rights to "Healthy" long before "Truth Hurts" was produced. Well, we'll see where this goes from here and of course keep you posted if something pops off.

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