Ok so you know nothing is sacred when it comes to social media and this latest video is either an embarrassment or wakeup call for this young lady. When it comes to health, there are not many things to do to get it right. Obviously you want to make sure your mind is right and you are fully ready to make those changes.

While there is not alot of information about this video, one thing about it is that apparently this lady was trying to get in this big rig truck. It doesn't say whether she was working for the company or not, but she seems to be the driver of the car. The video below shows her trying to get in the truck and actually having to have forklift to actually get her in the truck.


Lady has to be lifted by Forklift to get into truck:


It's really sad at all, but way before I saw this video. I got a wakeup call on focusing on making a better me. I can say from experience that losing weight is easier said then done, but with the right focus and mind frame. It can be done. I hope that this young lady will see this video possibly consider getting some help. Being overweight is not healthy at all, but it takes having people in your corner to make you a better person and get your mind right.

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