Police are on the search for church vandals who marked Satanic symbols on a Louisiana church.

Pastor Richard Washington of the Temple of Greater Works in Shreveport says the vandalism happened Monday morning. He and his wife noticed the Satanic graffiti when they arrived at the church for a morning meeting. Washington said they have been in the area for 11 years and have never seen vandalism like this before.

Mrs. Washington said the vandalism, alarming as it is, has strengthened her faith and her resolve to stand for truth in these troubling times. She wants their expressions of love to be greater than the expressions of hate we are seeing so frequently in our country.

Pastor Washington doesn't know why his church was targeted. He said a lot of churches in the area are doing great outreach work in the community, as well.

Anyone with information on the vandalism is urged to contact the Shreveport Police Department here.

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