Patrons in Sanford, Michigan were treated to some authentic Louisiana dishes which included jambalaya and gumbo. This meal was prepared by a gentleman and his family who lives near Lafayette and is living his life to give back to others.

After having 17 surgeries from a fall, Dwayne Richard vowed that if he was able to walk again, he would perform good deeds for those in dire times and need.

Dwayne Richard, his wife Tabitha, and his kids all packed up a U-Haul truck and headed north to Michigan for flood victims from two dams failing in Midland last week. The Richard family drove for 19 hours loaded down with clothes, cleaning supplies, and all of the fixings including onions, bell pepper, seasoning, chicken, and sausage for a real Louisiana meal. Dwayne Richard saw the devastation that rattled parts of Michigan, and he figured this would be the best place to give back.

This past Monday, they cooked jambalaya for flood victims outside a middle school. Then, on Tuesday, the family got together and prepared gumbo at the site of the Red Oak Restaurant in downtown Sanford.

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