The following results are from the October 24, 2015 primary election and are courtesy of Louisiana Secretary of State.  


There will be several run-offs races to decide on, including Louisiana's next governor on November 21 between John Bel Edwards (DEM) who received 40% of the vote and David Vitter (REP) who received 23%. The run-of is necessary because neither candidate achieved 50 % of the vote to win out right.

Lieutenant Governor

The will be a run-off between Melvin L. "Kip" Holden (DEM) who got 33% of the vote verses "Billy" Nungesser (REP) who received 30%.

Secretary of State

Tom Schedler (REP)

Attorney General

The will be a run-off between James D. "Buddy" Caldwell (REP) who got 35% of the vote and "Jeff" Landry (REP) who had 38%


John Kennedy (REP)

Commissioner of -- Agriculture and Forestry

Michael G. "Mike" Strain (REP)

Commissioner of -- Insurance

"Jim" Donelon (REP)

BESE -- District 7

Holly Franks Boffy (REP)

Amendment 1. - Budget And Stabilization Trust Fund, Passed

Amendment 2. - Funds For Transportation, Passed

Amendment 3. - Fiscal Legislative Session, Not Passed

Amendment 4 - Property Tax Exemption for Public Land/Property, Passed

State Senator -- 27th Senatorial District

Ronnie Johns (REP)

State Representative -- 32nd Representative District

Liewellyn "Biscuit" Smith (REP)

State Representative -- 34th Representative District

There will be a run-off between Wilford Dan Carter, Sr. (DEM) who received 38% of the vote and A.B. Franklin (DEM) with 35%.

State Representative -- 36th Representative District

Mark Abraham (REP)


Wendy Curphy Aguillard (NOPTY)

Police Juror -- District 1

Kevin White (REP)

Police Juror -- District 2

There will be a run-off between Kevin Collins (DEM) who received 40% of the vote and Diana Ross (DEM) with 35%.

Police Juror -- District 3

There will be a run-off between Eddie Earl Lewis, Jr.(DEM) who received 36% of the vote and Shelly Mayo (DEM) with 40%.

Police Juror -- District 4

Tony Guillory (DEM)

Police Juror -- District 5

Nicholas "Nic" Hunter (REP)

Police Juror -- District 8

Guy Brame (REP)

Police Juror -- District 10  

There will be a run-off between Shalon Latour (REP) who received 40% and "Tony" Stelly (DEM) who got 41%.

Police Juror -- District 12

Judd Bares (REP)

Police Juror -- District 13

Francis Andrepont (DEM)

Commissioner of -- Insurance

"Jim" Donelon (REP)

City of Lake Charles Proposition (Sales Tax), Passed

Waterworks District No. Ten of Ward Seven Proposition
(Maintenance Millage), Passed

Gravity Drainage District No. 4 of Ward 3 Proposition, Passed

Gravity Drainage District No. Five of Ward Four Proposition, Passed

Gravity Drainage District No. Eight of Ward One Proposition, Passed

Community Center and Playground District No. Four of Ward One Proposition, Passed

Houston River Waterworks District No. 11 of Wards 4 and 7 Proposition, Passed

Ward Six Fire Protection District No. One Proposition, Passed



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