What's really going on?  Luther Campbell has basically told some of the hottest artists in Hip-Hop to put up or take a hike.  What?  Who?  I in a rather bizarre letter printed in his Miami New Times column,  Luke rants that Lil Wayne, Diddy and DJ Khaled need to give back to their current residence of Miami and stop "freeloading"! 


The Hip-Hop veteran has given them an ultimatum!  Has he lost his mind?  Tune into Tha Wire and find out what it is.

Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial continued in day 7.  As with the last few days it was full of drama, including a disturbing recording from Michael.  Oddly enough the doctor felt it necessary to record a conversation with Michael that displayed the singer in a different light.  The slurred speech of

Dr. Conrad Murray Trial

a barely coherent Michael added some serious shock value for his family and jury to here.

The world mourns the loss of one of the nations greatest innovators of the last century.  Apple founder, Steve Jobs.  Plus celeb birthdays.

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