Lyte has been offing rides to the polls since 2018, and this year expanding their "Ride To Vote" initiative. For the first time rides to the polls by Lyft will include their bikes and scooters. Teaming up with Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Lin-Manuel Miranda , Chris Paul and Jenelle Monae's When We All Vote, and other partners like to launch the LyftUp Program.

No matter how you choose to cast your vote, Lyft wants their customers to know they are providing transportation to anyone wanting to get to the polls on election day. November 3, Lyft will be giving 50% discounts off one ride up to $10 to the polls. New to the LyftUp Program are More Than A Vote, Black Women's Roundtable, National Federation of the Blind and other Voting Access Partner's. Together these non-profit organizations are donating free rides to the poles in select cities where access to transportation is especially limited.

If you or someone you know needs a "Ride To Vote" on November 3 or to a drop box, go to and use the 2020vote code.

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