Westside til he die, Mack 10 has been in the game for over 2 decades believe it or not and after all this time, you would think that he would understand how the game goes.

Mack 10

According to a lawsuit filed by DoggHouse Studio operator Rodger Carter, the West Side Connection member has an unpaid bill of close to $2,000. Carter filed the suit in a Malibu, CA small claims court late last month. Mack 10, who rose to fame during the mid ‘90s as a frequent Ice Cube collaborator and member of the Left coast trio West Side Connection, is currently working on a new album entitled Money Music with California rapper Glasses Malone. The collaborative LP is set to hit shelves April 12.

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With such a small price, Mack you need to handle up on your business and get things taken care of.

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