IIyasah Shabazz had to put Nicki Minaj in her place last week for disrespecting her fathers memory.  The Young Money femcee used an historic photo of the slain civil rights leader to promote her new song and it didn't sit well with his family.

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Nicki Minaj raised eyebrows in the black community and when she used the iconic 1964 Ebony Magazine photo of Malcolm X looking out a window holding a gun, to promote her new song “Lookin A-- N----”.  The fact that the tittle of the song is derogatory and includes the N-word is bad enough, but to associate the late civil rights leader’s legacy in a negative manner just isn’t cool.

The daughter of Malcolm X, Ilyasah Shabazz let the rapper know it to.  Shabazz released a statement Friday with the New York Daily News and basically checked Nicki for being disrespectful.  Shabazz slammed the promotional image for the singer's new song, and urged people to promote her father's legacy in a positive manner.

“Ms. Minaj’s artwork for her single does not depict the truth of Malcolm X’s legacy, is completely disrespectful, and in no way is endorsed by my family.  It is our family’s hope that the true legacy and context of Malcolm X's life continues to be shared with people from all walks of life in a positive manner that helps promote the goals and ideals for which Malcolm X so passionately advocated.”

Meanwhile, other members of Malcolm X’s family and estate all chimed in and denounced the rappers decision to use the historic photo calling it, down right “disrespectful”.  An attorney for the estate and family threatened legal action if the photo was not removed. Mark Roesler, CEO of the business representative for the Malcolm X estate said,

"This is a family photo that was taken out of context in a totally inaccurate and tasteless way."  Roesler referred to the fact that Malcom X's home had just been firebombed and the photo showed the slain leader trying to protect his family from death threats.

Jacob Morris head of the Harlem Historical Society, shared Roesler's alarm telling the New York Daily News, "For his image to be misused this way, it's despicable.  It’s disgraceful to attach the n-word to him – flat out."

To her credit, Nicki Minaj apologized for insulting the late civil rights leader’s memory.  The femcee responded to the controversy a day before Shabazz did.  Minaj said to the Shabazz family on her personal Instagram account., "I apologize to the Malcolm X estate if the meaning of the photo was misconstrued.  I have nothing but respect (and) adoration for u."

Thursday she removed the photo from her social media pages, publicly apologized to Malcolm X’s estate and then responded by addressing the hypocrisy in the treatment of the N-word term in her songs tittle.

The word “n*gga” causes so much debate in our community while the “n*gga” behavior gets praised and worship.  The rapper called into the Angie Martinez show on Hot 97 to explain where she was coming from.  

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