Customer service sucks!
At least once a week I step into a store or restaurant and I'm left utterly annoyed by the quality of service. What's even more confusing is that it's often from companies that were founded on good customer service.

Here's what happened to me on today, Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

A cashier at a store I won't name was talking to another cashier two registers over while checking me out. I used to fuss at the cashiers who did it when I worked at a local grocery store, so it's still a pet peeve of mine to this day. It's unprofessional, and more importantly, rude. The Cashier then proceeds to tell me in the most ratchet voice, "My credit good!"

Below is a general play-by-play of our conversation.

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(Confused at why she's telling me about her credit score, I play along anyway.)

Chill: That's good, I feel ya on that. Makes two of us.

Cashier: My credit good, because I don't use it! Haha! *Makes gurgly laugh* Cash! I pay everything with cash! That's how I'ma get that new house in a few months. If my credit messed up, I got four kids.

Ice Cube in "Friday"

Chill: First of all... Nevermind.

You're going to put the bills in your kid's name, aren't you?

Cashier: Yup! You know your momma did it too!

Chill: No. She did not.

Cashier: Oh.

(Silence and mumbles as I put my sun shades on and walk out of the store.)

For years I've heard black comedians make jokes about how their mother put bills in their name before they were old enough to vote, but this can't be a real thing, can it? It has to just be a joke. At least I hope it was just a joke. I would think the utility companies are smarter than that, but stranger things have happened.

Thankfully my parents were responsible and respectful of my future credit score. More importantly, I was taught that in order to have credit you must first establish it. Once you do that, you then have to pay your bills on time.

I know, there's a little more to it, but that's the overall gist of it. When you owe lenders money, you pay them on time, and your credit score will reflect that of a responsible human being. Also, when you pay on time, the lenders won't come and take their stuff back while the neighbors watch through the blinds.

So, what's the moral in this whole story you ask? There are three things.

  1. It's a slow news day.
  2. Customer service sucks in this city.
  3. Some people don't understand how credit works.

Rant over.

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