There are several places my dog is not welcome, specifically the dinner table, and most importantly in the kitchen. The man in this video above seems to somewhat share the same sentiment.

In the video, he's sitting in his car outside of the animal shelter in what seems to be him attempting to teach the pouch a lesson about eating food off of the stove during Thanksgiving. He states "Look who want to be standing on the car yelling, cause he wanted to jump on top of the stove and eat food, off the f**king stove last night. So I brought his ass here. Yeah. To let his ass know, this where the f**k you could be living at. You hear all those dogs in there barking, wishing they had a warm home." Hilarious!

I love my German Shepherd, Alex, very much, but the one thing I've always been taught by my elders is that a dog will be a dog. I don't leave them in the house unattended, and I don't allow them in the kitchen. My words to the man in the video would be, you shouldn't have turned your back, dude.

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