If your a parent of tweens or young teenagers, you may think your kids are smart enough to recognize a predator or recognize when someones trying to lure them into unsafe situation.  With today's technology kids of today are exposed to more information, so their wiser.  Right?  With all the conversations you've had with them about being safe your daughter, would NEVER get into a car with someone they didn't know.  She knows better than to give a perfect stranger her address.  Right?

The answer is NO!  With all the horror and countless news stories of kids being kidnapped, rapped, missing or murdered, you would be surprised to know young people will still put themselves in danger.  This is especially true with underage girls.

Recently 21-year old Coby Persin, best known for performing pranks and experiments on YouTube, did an experiment to prove how easy it is for a pedophile or serial killer to lure young girls on Facebook.  Persin started a fake Facebook page and posed as a teenage boy and with parents permission, targeted their tweens and teenage girls.  Persin told the Daily Mail,

'I made a fake profile on Facebook posing as a 15-year-old boy,' Coby explains, showing off a page for a made-up teen named Jason Biazzio. 'With their parents' permission, I friend-requested three girls ages 14, 13, and 12.'

Do you think your daughter would fall for something like this?  Would your daughter give her address to a perfect stranger or sneak off to meet this person without your knowledge?  The parents in the video below seemed to think their daughters know better, but are shocked to find that they don't.

Parents everywhere need to watch this video with their children.  Start the conversation today and make sure your children understand how dangerous social media is.  If the girls in the video were not part of an experiment, they would have made the local news as the latest murder victim or missing person.  Your kids need to understand that this happens everyday, FOR REAL and it can happen to them.

Do your kids have a social media page?  Who are their friends?  Do you monitor what's going on or have access to their pages?  If you answered "no" or "I don't know" to any of these questions, you may wanna make some immediate changes.

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