Witnesses placed a call to Lake Charles Police to report a man had climbed up on a billboard platform and they didn't think he was working. Turns out they were right. The incident unfolded Monday morning and had a section of Prien Lake Road shutdown for hours. According to a police report they responded to a call around 9am that a man was on a billboard across from Popeye's near Hertz car rental.

Police say at first, they had a tough time getting the man to come down. KPLC reported the authorities were able to determine the man didn't pose a danger to anyone or himself. Though what he did was quite dangerous, officers said he did not intend to commit suicide. None the less, they couldn't let him just hang out on a billboard, beside he was starting to catch a lot of attention. For the safety of everyone concerned, he had to come down.

On lookers said the officers were compassionate and did a great job working to convince the man to come down. Their cool heads and communication skills won the day and after a couple of hours of negotiating he finally agreed to come down. Prien Lake Road was shut down during the process, but all ended well.

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