During a recent interview with NPR's Microphone Check, my all time favorite producer Mannie Fresh talked about making Juvenile's classic '400 Degrees' album, where according to Mannie the album was recorded the way Marvin Gaye and Motown did it in the 70's.

Pretty much like if it was an old Marvin Gaye/Motown session. We pretty much had a count-off and we played. We played for however many bars that song was. Juvie rapped those songs next to use while we were playing. On some of the songs, you can kind of hear where it’s 14 bars in his rap instead of 16 so we had to improvise to make the hook work.

The legendary New Orleans producer did the interview in Washington D.C. in front of a crowd where he told stories about Cash Money Records, including UNLV, Lil Wayne, the groups he looked up to, and working with rapper Mos Def.

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