Mariah Carey doesn't understand the point of fame without merit.

During a recent interview in Israel, Mariah subtly criticized our current celebrity climate, which is rife with reality stars and people who have generated mass amount of fame without any particular talent to back it up. Some say cultivating a brand out of nothing is a talent in and of itself, but Mariah disagrees. She simply doesn't see the appeal.

She said, "Some people’s goal is to be famous, not to have a craft or an art that they’re famous for. Today, you can be famous just from being on a reality…well, doing… you don’t really have to do much, but you kinda gotta do a lot. And then your whole life is just about being a celebrity and that’s what some people aspire to, because it’s easy and because then everybody knows them and all they see is the bright side of fame. I couldn’t handle being on a reality show, I couldn’t handle having people with cameras on me all the time. It’s already like that, it’s too much."

The recent Hollywood Walk of Fame honoree may not be a fan of reality television stars, but she's cool with scripted programming. Lee Daniels recently let slip that Mariah would be appearing on Season 2 of his hit television show Empire. He said, "She has certainly proven herself, good Lord. Repeatedly. I’m very excited to see where she goes on Empire.”

Do you agree with Mariah's main point, but still watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians under the cover of darkness? Or are you open about your love of reality TV? Do you prefer to watch more exploitative reality shows, like TLC's Hoarders? Let us know!

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