Former Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch ventures into the Corsican Mountains in France on NBC’s latest “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”. Grylls teaches the retired running back how to retrieve a pig from a cliff, make a bed out of tree branches, start a fire with his dreads, and they even climb down a seventy-foot rock wall to reach their final destination. Lynch almost gave up a few times, but he didn’t let fear win. Watch the entire episode below.

I’m at a point in my life where in the past three years I’ve been attempting things that I’ve run away from for so long, like learning how to ride a motorcycle, or to swim. I can now ride a motorcycle quite well, but I’m still working on learning to swim. Also, things that seem simple to others like riding a rollercoaster, or zip lining are also things I’m working on doing more. Although I’ve ridden a roller coaster of some sort three times in my life, anxiety still takes over immediately. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been camping, but I’m more susceptible to do it now. At the level of hiking through the mountains with Bear Grylls, that’s something I’d have to think about long and hard before embarking on. After all, even though I have camped in the woods, my uncle's house was about 50-100 yards away. Yeah, he owned some acreage deep in the woods of Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana. Maybe that doesn’t count as camping? I say it does, especially since there were some very dangerous animals lurking in the woods. Raccoons and possums yes, but bears, coyotes, snakes don’t live in my neighborhood.

Seeing someone like Super Bowl champ Marshawn Lynch, a.k.a. “Beast Mode” embark on something that frightens him is inspiring in itself. Strength and courage were his strong points when he was on the football field, but in the wild I guess it’s an entirely different ball game. It was inspiring to see Lynch stepping outside of his comfort zone. It shows that even the physically strongest of us still face fears.

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