At one point I wasn’t the biggest fan of Conan O’Brien, and it’s possibly due to the previous network he worked for, I’m sure he had limited freedom. Since Conan has been at his new network and though I’m certain he still has writers on staff, he has more control over what he does in his show, and the guy has been coming up with some of the most hilarious bits. I can honestly say I’m a Conan fan now.

Check out the latest Conan bit as he sets up a video game match between Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. The two face off in a few rounds of the latest video game series, ‘Mortal Kombat X,’ before it’s released to the public.

Contrary to what the news networks report, Marshawn Lynch seems to be a pretty fun and interesting guy. The above bit is pretty hilarious as it shows a different side to both Lynch and Gronkowski. You’ll also find out that Lynch is not a fan of blood and gore.

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