Not that is really went anywhere, but No Limit is back!

Master P-Youtube

In fact the labels CEO Master P wants everybody to know 2013 belongs to him.  Thursday January 17th P hosted a red carpet release party for his first official release in seven years.

Master P-Facebook

Master P said "This is history in the making twice.  I already made history once with No Limit and we're about to do it again in 2013.  How many people can say they've made history twice?  Find out more about the No Limit soldiers new mixtape below with Tha Wire.

Ciroc Vodca-Youtube

In other news, Diddy's high end Vodka is making more headway for the new year. Made in France, Cîroc vodka has what importer Diageo likes to call “liquid credentials". It's one of the first vodkas made from fine French grapes and it is distilled five times.

But what really sets this brand apart are its street credentials......Sean "Diddy" Combs.  Diddy partnered with the makers of Ciroc in 2007 and ever since then, sales have gone thru the roof.  Now, the tasty vodca is official drink for a very prestigious event.  Get the scoop below with Tha Wire.

50 Cent-Facebook

In more news, 50 Cent is raking in to dough these days and it has nothing to do with showbiz.  Fif has been in and out of some major lawsuits over the last year or so and now it looks like two of them are getting ready to pay off in his direction.  Also, Slim and Baby Williams just signed a new artist to YMCMB.  Find out who it is now.

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