Meek Mill has something to say.

On Thursday night (Dec. 19), the Philly rapper hit up his Twitter account to call out major companies for giving out what he believes to be "slave deals." In his tweet, Meek asserts that he wants to get lawyers to break down the shady deals that make kids from the ghetto sign their lives away for major checks.

In the tweet, Meek wrote: "What about major companies taking kids from the ghetto and got them signing they lives away for a lil bit of money?We taking control of that 2020 and exposing the people offering these slave deals! Ima get some lawyers to break down some of these deals y’all offering these kids."

Meek Mill isn't one to stay silent on perceived injustice. Later on, the Reform Alliance co-founder continues to speak on the subject. In another tweet, Meek voices his issues with people who plot and scheme to make money off people like himself.

"I don’t trust people and they motives really nomore ... everybody planning to make something off you with out you knowing!" Meek tweeted.

Meek's comments came on the same day Tory Lanez planned to execute his plans to "expose" Interscope Records.

Meek Mill's frustrations come a month after the MMG rapper hinted at dropping a new album this year. During an #AskMeek session on Twitter last month (Nov. 14), Meek responded to a fan' question about the possibility of him dropping a new project before the end of 2019. His responses hinted that the Championships rapper could drop a new album before New Year's Eve.

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