Meek Mill's dreams for a new trial were recently chased away by Judge Genece Brinkley, and he was denied once again, despite evidence that shows police corruption in his case. The Philadelphia rapper thinks the injustice in his situation is obvious, but those in power refuse to move a muscle.

On Tuesday (July 3), a report from The Inquirer revealed Judge Genece Brinkley's own lawyer, A. Charles Peruto Jr., opposed his client's actions with Meek, which appear to co-sign the rapper's claims. On Wednesday (July 4), Meek responded to the report on Instagram with a lengthy rant about the Pennsylvania justice system.

"It’s really crazy that everybody in the Philadelphia legal world really know what’s going on and nobody is saying anything!" he started. "A new trial would mean case dismissed because the D.A’s office don’t want to fight my case because I was arrested by a dirty cop and was illegally arrested and wrongfully convicted in 2007, the same case I served over 3 years in jail for and 10 years later they trying to give me a 4 year sentence for popping a wheelie!! The craziest part is some people have already been released because of this cop testimony."

The Dreamchasers MC went on to point out how he is seemingly being singled out. "Out of 1500 people who got back in court because of this cop 1499 cases where taken from they’re original judge and placed in front of 'president judge wood skipper,'" he continued. "My case is the only case still in front of my original judge and being denied which is now holding thousands of others back from freedom because of this dirty cop who has been proven to be corrupt!!! I can’t speak directly on it but everyone from the legal world knows boundaries have been crossed to attempt to take my freedom! Philadelphia/Pennsylvania they are embarrassing the judicial system and the world is watching!"

He then directly spoke to the Peruto's comments, and added more claims to the table. "Even [Judge Genece Brinkley's] lawyer admitted this on tape saying I deserve a new trial and saying he didn’t say it... and he is the same lawyer that came to see me durning my incarceration and had a full conversation about my case and said he could get me out because he knows my judge, I didn’t pay him money and weeks later he’s my judge attorney which is beyond conflict of interest!! what judge has an criminal attorney? It’s so much more to the story ... almost every JUDGE,SHERIFF AND CLERK IN THE CJC BUILDING KNOW WHATS GOING ON BUT CANT SPEAK BECAUSE THEY CANT GO AGAINST THAT CODE! ANY EXPERTS THAT KNOW THE FACTS TO MY SITUATION KNOWS THIS IS A DISGRACE TO JUSTICE!"

The "Stay Woke" rapper revealed his calling to task of the legal system is not only for his benefit. "And it’s not all about my case," he added in closing. "If I had 30 lawyers and a worldwide spotlight shined on my case this would be over with and the district attorneys office saying they are not standing on this corrupt cops testimony in any case not just mines! If I can’t be freed how can a normal person without fame or money get out of this web when injustice happens?"

Check out Meek's IG statement below.

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