The speculation seems strong that Drake could have had a ghostwriter, I have to ask does it really matter. There are plenty of great singers and rappers who have the words written by someone else and not get credit. OG Maco actually dropped the name of Quentin Miller who hails from Atlanta and claims that he has written for Drake for years. Check out the latest update from "Complex" to get familiar with Mr. Miller.


Check out Quentin Millers single "Cinematic" produced by OVO and Drake Collaborator Boi-1da to see if there could possibly any connections to his writing skills and Drakes flow.

Only time will tell whether this is true or not. As of recently Quentin Miller has not stepped up to confirm or deny. Of course depending on the checks that he is possibly getting from the Toronto native, does it really matter. Also could this be a spring board for something to come from the artist himself in the very near future? The fact remains that Drake has moved units like crazy and his core fans are not going to stop supporting him regardless of what they find out. To me it seems like some feelings are involved and they need to man up and deal with their issues.

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