While Jay-Z and Dame Dash are really known for being the most visible members of Roc A Fella and the brain child of the label and also the clothing line. Biggs has been locked up for a few years and recently gotten released after being incarcerated over a situation before.


Well he is finally a free man and every one is trying to get their hands on him and talk about what is going on with him. He recently sat down with Rap Radar and talked about the start of the label and how he and Jay-Z and Dame got together to form one of the most powerful labels. Check out the interview below and meet the guy who really helped to propel the Roc movement.



This is a great look and just like Slim is the brain child behind Cash Money, Biggs is truly that guy. If there are any questions that you wanted answered I am sure that they were talked about during this session. Check out one of the premier videos that started the movement back in the day. Also check out the clothing line that Dame is promoting now called Fourth Of November.