When it comes to Mental Illness and depression there are many topics of discussion. We have all dealt with it in some shape or form whether personally or with a family member of friend. I spoke with my friend Lolita Ceasar from Nami of Lake Charles on Monday and we talked about the vigil that was held last night.

It was done in honor of those who we lost due to depression and mental illness. So I am happy to be able to do my part and continue to have the peoples ear with a special guest joining me this afternoon.

I will be joined by Alana Higginbotham who is a Lake Charles native and now resides in Houston. She has a wealth of knowledge and is also a personality in media and is an avid fighter for Mental Illness and those dealing with Anxiety and Depression.

She is also the Guest Speaker for the Nami Benefit Banquet on Tomorrow that will be held at Tresures Of Marilyn in Lake Charle.

Facebook/ Alana Higgbothom

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