This Saturday the fun returns for the annual Nami Walk at Cougar stadium in Lake Charles. This is an annual event that is hosted every year to show support for those dealing with Mental Illness and also to those we may have lost due to Mental Illness due to forms of depression.

This Saturday please join me and all of my cohorts from Nami beginning at 7 am for a great time of fun for all and for a great cause. This year will be the first time that it will be held at Cougar Stadium 1201 1st avenue.

If you would like to come out for the cause, please show up and also think about creating a team for the worthwhile cause. We are also asking for donations for this great cause as they continue to employ and assist those with special needs. The weather seems to have cleared for the day, so make sure you are in attendance this Saturday. For more details go to the Nami site for all of the info.

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