Today in Tha Wire sometimes even the best intentions can be misconstrued, or used against you. Beyonce is dealing with that reality right now. The Grammy award winning singer is being sued by Angel Barre, the sister of late New Orleans comedian/internet star Messy Mya. So much could be said about him. Mya whose real name was, Anthony Barre, was a Crescent City staple, well known for his neon hair colors, and saucy hood "truth telling." Mya blow-up with his own YouTube channel, scoring millions of views, as he savagely and hilariously talked about everything and everybody in the neighborhood.

The popular street comic rubbed a few people the wrong way, and he knew it too. Though he gained more fans than enemy, Messy Mya, was well aware of how misunderstandings were dealt with in NOLA. Yet he bravely turned that negative into a positive, even coining the phrase, "Now Who Gonna Pop Me?" Mya blossomed into a internet celebrity and highly sought after local comedian. A rising star, the New Orleans favorite was silenced in a tragic shooting on November 14, 2010. He was murdered leaving a babyshower for his unborn son. Mya was 22-years old.

Six years after his untimely death, Beyonce paid tribute to the city of her roots in more ways than one with Formation.  Covering everything from her creole heritage, to the government's slow response to Katrina, down to rampant police brutality. Bey made a hell of a statement in four minutes. She also pay homage to New Orleans "Queen Diva," Big Freedia, and the one and only Messy Mya ,by putting them both on the track.

Problem is, it doesn't look like the Barre family gave her approval to use Mya's voice. According to reports Beyonce used a sample from one of Mya's YouTube videos, where the social media celeb famously said, "What happened at the New Orleans?" and “B##ch, I’m popular demand.” Now Mya's sister is suing the songstress for damages. Angel Barre filed suit in February, demanding her brother get credit as an artist on the track, writer, composer, and producer on the song.

Beyonce’s legal camp filed a motion recently to have the copyright suit dismissed, but presiding judge Nannette Jolivette Brown, denied it. The Hollywood Reporter obtained the 66-page ruling, where in an except the judge stated “Plaintiffs have plausibly alleged in their complaint that Defendants did not change or alter the ‘expressive content or message’ of Anthony Barre’s YouTube videos.”

FYI, U.S. copyright law, allows artists to sample the work of another, if they can prove there were considerable changes made. Long story short, the suit will go forward. By the way, the amount on damages the Barre family is suing for is $20 million! If more details, come from this, I will keep you in the loop.

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