Miami Heat fans who left early thinking they had lost, were elated to find out they were wrong, but what made matters worse, they couldn't get back into the arena. That's a fair-weather fan for ya! 

After Tuesday night's game on South Beach, the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs battled it out on the hardwood in a game that many thought was over in the 4th quarter, including one of my friends who had a $300 bet on the Heat winning. Of corse things happen and players step up in a effort to stay in the championship race, and we all watched what happened. I'm a Spurs fan, so I'll leave it at that.

All of the people, a.k.a. "fans," who decided to leave the arena early thinking the Miami Heat had lost before the game went into overtime, tried coming back into the arena, but were rejected by security. Watch how these fair-weather fans react after they realize the game was far from over.


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