Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade's New Baby
Congratulations to Dwayne Wade and Gabriel Union.  The superstar couple was engaged a few days before Christmas.  Unfortunately, the new year is already getting off to a bumpy start.  During the couples "break", D-Wade got another woman pregnant. The baby is two months old and his mother is finally being revealed.
Lebron James Addresses Haters
Lebron James has been doing his thing and since he linked up with the Miami Heat he has been able to retain 2 championship rings and has also been able to retain plenty of negative press from the critics, peers and fans. Lebron has decided to take the use of the new instagram video function and address those who may not be fond of King James!
Drake Get’s No New Friends When Trying To Get Into The Heats Dressing Room After The Game [VIDEO]
Drake might be running the OVO set and got the ladies all over the world wanting to be down on the team. But one team who doesn't care who you are after last night is the Miami Heat. They of course won their second championship and Drake wanted to go to the dressing room to hang out with the players after the game. Well security wasn't having that and he had to accept a slice of humble pie. Check
Miami Heat Confronts Lil Wayne (Cartoon Parody) [NSFW VIDEO]
We all knew it was only a matter of time before Broken Equipment dropped a parody on the whole Lil Wayne and Miami Heat fiasco and boy did they deliver. If you got about 8 minutes and are around the computer alone then you may want to check out this video and be prepared to laugh...
The Harlem Shake Hits Miami! [VIDEO]
By now, most people have seen quite a few Harlem Shake videos. McNeese has posted one, along with several local businesses. So, it was only a matter of time before it hit the world of professional athletes. Well, thanks to LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and the rest of the Miami Heat, we now have an NBA version of the worldwide video craze...

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