Hoverboards are not only blowing up and igniting into flames, but they are also putting folks flat on their asses, and famed boxer Mike Tyson is the latest victim.

You’ve got to have some good balance to ride a hoverboard, something you would think Mike Tyson would have considering his famed skills as a boxer. Not! Watch Iron Mike in his home showing off his skills on a hoverboard, with the utmost confidence. Things soon take a turn when he gets to comfortable and falls flat on his back, arms out.

A couple years back I fell off of a skate board and fell on my back and butt, ouch. As a kid I also ran into a parked car while riding a bicycle with no hands. Hey mom, look what I can do! *Crash!!!* I’ve even had to lay a motorcycle down to avoid serious injury. Did I get up and try again? Yes. Can I skateboard? No. (LOL)