Back by popular demand Ray D Molo Middle School will be doing a repeat of the Black History Musical with a few surprises. The turnout was so great that they are doing it again and this time in a bigger location. This time it will be inside the Lake Charles Boston Auditorium where the same students will be able to perform for their peers and the city.

I talked about how great of a time I had when I attended the event last month and from talking with teacher Mrs Chretien, this event is going to be even bigger and better. There is a $5 admission, but I can co sign that this event is going to be one you do not want to miss.

The doors open at 5 with the musical kicking off at 6 pm on Thursday March 23rd and it's only for one night. Make sure to spread the word and tell everyone to get there. Make sure you come early and be prepared to have a great time for the kids and for yourself


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