Over the past few weeks I have been anticipating the Black History Month Program from Ray D Molo Middle School. Today was the official day for the entire city to come out and show their support of the kids and staff of the school. The organizers from Molo Middle School decided to allow to kids to show their magic on stage.

This was by far one of the best Black History Month programs I have ever seen and seeing kids from all ages pay homage to the great music of the sixties to the early 2,000's was something you had to be there to truly understand.

I have to give much respect to my friend Mrs. Chretien,Mr. Dotson,Principal, staff and of course the students for creating magic. We have to also acknowledge the parents and supporters who came through. While watching those kids perform The Temptations, New Edition, Ray Charles and more took me down memory lane. There were also very intricate moments where the students touched on Black Lives Matter and their was also a clip where a teacher gave the students tips on how to react if they have encounter with the law. Whatever there plan is for next year, I am already wanting to be apart of it.

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